Friday, October 27, 2006

See no*****, write no******

Apologies for the unpleasantness in my last blog.
After spending some time with some comrades at************ I have realized that I was an instrument of the traitor Goldstein.
From now on I will only give you fun and relaxing blogs.
I wont mention************ or **** ***** or anything else that may cause you alarm.
I was wrong to think that there was anything wrong with our glorious civilization.
Our shopping malls are second to none.
We have produced many fine actors and pop musicians and fashion designers.
There is nothing wrong with air conditioning, in fact if only we could build a really really big one we could all keep cool.
Don't listen to the fearmongers.
Our leaders have only our best interests at heart.
Put your trust in them, they know what's best for you otherwise how would they have become leaders in the first place?
There is nothing wrong with a country speaking in unison and we can thank Comrade Murdoch for helping us stamp out he unAustralian disenters and naysayers.
Ignore any feeling of emptiness.
Bow to authority.
If you haven't anything nice to say then shop until you drop.
If only the people of Sudan would spend more time in the shopping malls and less time squabbling it would be much more pleasant for all.
Remember if some one is poor or starving it is only their own fault for not trying hard enough.
We are the winners!
And to the winners go the spoiled.
Long live Big Brother and may his merchandise be consumed by all.


OVW said...

Pete, lighten up man! Where's the personal touch? If I wanted doom and gloom I'd read David Thrussell's blog. When was the happiest day of your life? Now that would be a blog worth reading...

Peter Podcast said...

Dear Ovw,
This blog is mainly for my students.
I recently inflicted 1984 on them.
They thought big brother was a TV show.
I hope they might see the parallels between that distopia and the recent spate of laws restricting our freedoms and increasing survailance on all aspects of our lives.
And be worried.
Unfortunatly like you what they want is happy stories, celebrities and fun stuff to take their minds of the fact we are hurtling toward a very, very bad place.
Who can blame them?

Anonymous said...

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Capt. Haddock said...

hi peter podcast,
so your current student watch the orson welles 1984 as wel, interesting movie.
could be appropriate for today's life, though i didn't say it was sydney, when the all-seeing-eyes is around us, whatever that is.

btw, i haven't said a proper thanks for the church concert, i enjoyed it even though it was a bit long for a concert. haha. thanks again.

i have started the 4th semester and i think about this blog, and eii, why would i abandon this nice thing if i started it in the first place. so now, i would blog regularly and please make a comment on my writing and just enjoy my thoughts.

thanks for the nice semester.

stealthblue said...

I know you from the good old TTB.
I really dig your blog too. I think we could agree on a great many things. Great work...
Ben V.