Friday, October 20, 2006

Where the truth lies.

Bulletin from the Ministry of Truth.
Our glorious leader welcomes the news of our victory over the insurgents in Mesopotamia.
Peace now reigns over that beautiful land.
Once the evil dictator Saddam Hitler was dethroned by the will of the people.
It was an easy victory with few casualties and much rejoicing.
As predicted the country was crawling with diabolical weapons of mass destruction.
We praise the armies of liberation.
Democracy is blossoming all over the world.
Our farmers will produce a record crop this year.
No heed should be given to alarmist elements who spread falsehood about our beautiful weather.
We are blessed, our land is bound by sea and plenty.
Our glorious leaders are without sin.
Praise be our freedom.
Praise be our wonderful shopping experiences.
Praise be or glorious celebrity magazines.

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